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Our History

The Lifeboat4 Network of ships, boats and maritime related initiatives originated from a South African crew member, Jaco Leeuwner, who sailed with GBA Ships as a volunteer. Loving the sea he participated in weekly safety drills around the world. Going to the water with small lifeboats and doing man-over-board maneuvers as coxswain (skipper) of the MV Doulos' Lifeboat Number 4, was always a highlight during voyages. The Doulos, GBA's oldest ship (picture bottom), retired in 2010. The ship was built in 1914 and at 96-years she was the oldest passenger liner at sea. Her main purpose was to provide an exciting cross culture training experience for young people as they sailed in harmony to bring knowledge, help and hope to the nations. Their international book fair made them the largest floating bookshop in the world (GBA Ships 2010).

After leaving service of the MV Doulos in December 2006, Jaco shared an idea with two of his friends, Kevin and Colette Westaby, while working together in Croatia on GBA's new ship, the MV Logos Hope. It was to create a website to exchange information about past voyages with like-minded people as well as to promote other ships and boats that have been and are used to reach people in need. During the last months of 2008, the idea and now operating website, grew into its own non-profit company, called Passage of Bahar.

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